Our Story


Many moons ago, our founder Benjamin Chee HH started collecting vintage Swiss watches as a young intrepid lad. He loved to wear them at home and at the office, and admire their aged grandeur in his cabinet, but rarely wore these precious watches due to his active lifestyle and the tropical cities in which he spent most of his time.

Ben sought to create a watch that had the distinguished style without the fragility, lack of water-resistance and irreplaceability of a real vintage watch. A watch he could take yachting, partying or on one of his many voyages around the globe, without needing to worry if an errant flute (or case) of vintage champagne or a choppy jaunt around Lake Como would send a 70 year old priceless vintage watch to horological heaven. He envisioned a design with influences from his two favourite eras of vintage watches, the Art Deco and the 1950s, a design that would look as stylish with a bespoke sportcoat as it would with a dapper tuxedo.

After three years of designing, prototyping, field-testing, and tweaking these fantasy vintage concepts based on real world experience wearing (and thoroughly enjoying) them, in 2018 Ben began to share these charismatic watches with all who enjoy style and elegant design, under the independent horology house Milléchron. With a solid emphasis on high quality, stylish yet understated design, and personal service from the heart, Milléchron is set to bring about a renaissance of horological chic. And this is where our adventure begins...